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This a puzzle-solving webpage, based on knowledge of Html. This page is designed for Html beginners and Html lovers.这是一个献给html初学者和爱好者的一个趣味解谜网站,所有的解谜都是基于html知识的。

Puzzles inclued but not limit to html5, javascript, CSS, php and so on. All puzzles are made up by Ran Pan. The idea of building up such a webpage is inspired by Python Challenge.

All puzzles are shown in both English and Chinese but it is not necessary to know the other language to solve the puzzle. 所有的谜题都会以中英文双语显示。

HtmlPuzzles is NOT mobile(tablet)-friendly, because you need to use pens, html editors or programming compilers to solve them. 注意,HtmlPuzzles不是手机友好的,因为你需要纸笔编译器计算器来解题。

Keep in mind that URL addresses are case sensitive. 记住了,网址中的大小写是有区别的。

Be patient because every puzzle takes time. You could add webpages to your favorites to save your progress. 因为每道谜题都需要时间,所以请耐心。可以通过添加网页至收藏夹来保存你的进度。


If you have any question, suggestion about HtmlPuzzles, feel free to contact me. My e-mail address can be found here.

Have fun!